Maturing Towards
Spiritual Victory

There can be no Spiritual Victory prior to being Saved or Born Again.

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Get this settled for eternity's sake. Know where you will be throughout all eternity.

Once Saved, Forgiven, Born Again, there can be no Spiritual Victory prior to having full Assurance of Salvation. Assurance adds nothing to Salvation. Once Saved, Salvation is complete, but the joy of Salvation will never be complete without the certain Assurance that you will never lose your home in Heaven.

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Get this settled for the sake of emotional well being and an opportunity for Spiritual Victory.

Once Saved and having full Assurance of Salvation, knowing you can never lose your Christ-bought entrance to Heaven, the next rung on the ladder is Spiritual Victory. Spiritual Victory, by these exact words, is not mentioned in the Bible, because it encompasses and labels many areas which are well mentioned throughout the Bible.
Do not forget, this area does not add to Salvation. Salvation, once obtained, is complete. It can never be lost.
Although, this area may profoundly effect your Assurance of Salvation. In other words, without Spiritual Victory, you may lose confidence, not the actuality, that the Lord will forever keep you eternally saved.

Unlike Salvation, Spiritual Victory can come and go. It must be sought and protected by purposeful decisions of each saint, born again person.

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Get this settled for the sake of fellowship with God, even while still on this earth.