Is the Bible True?

I called God's bluff.

I kept thinking,
"What fool would not want to be saved, if it is true?
* If you are saved, you are forgiven of all sin.
* If you are saved, you will live forever with a loving God.
How am I going to find out if Christian Salvation is true?"

I told the Saviour, Jesus Christ,
"I am going to call your bluff.
I am going to jump in with both feet.
If you don't catch me,
I am going to make a big splat."

I didn't put one foot in to test the water.
I jumped with both feet, a step of faith.
(I found later that God will not be tested.)

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
and thou shalt be saved"
The Bible - Book of Acts - Chapter 16 - Line 31

I believed enough to jump.

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